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  1. Had a street car running e85. Tuner used Earls -6 inline filter, sintered bronze type, possibly 35micron, fed from Walbro intank with sock. Never had an issue in 2 years (safe to say 30,000km's). Opened them to check once, not dirty enough to warrant a clean. 10 micron does seem excessive. I think the ethanol likes to "gum up" on these finer filters.
  2. nsw s15 brakes front and rear

    got pics mate?
  3. Changing s14 steering rack

    Remove the fitting in front of it.
  4. Unsure if made clear.... WHOLE CAR WRECKING/ FOR SALE
  5. Heaps of action over the long weekend, check original post for updates.
  6. Haltech Platinum Pro S15 SOLD Haltech Air Temp sensor SOLD Haltech 3 Bar MAP sensor SOLD Haltech boost control solenoid SOLD
  7. Steering rack SOLD Haltech I/O 12 channel expander box SOLD
  8. Hey Antz, thanks mate. Have had some interest in Haltech stuff and gearbox. Nothing solid yet. Engine is yours, I will throw in extra goodies too. Thanks man, see you soon.