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  1. need some help

    m&m, new here could you please point out where the beginners workout is? Did a search and nuthin come up. Thanks
  2. need some help

    Yea would have to agree with both comments. I burn around 385 cal going to work and 450 going home (more up hill). Running would burn more calories, but over that distance my knees would be mush! I burn around 500 plus easily when lifting weights. I plan on incorporating more running into my routine as I build up fitness but shorter circuits like 3 & 5 k. After looking into calorie counting I now realise diet was more my problem. Eating good during the week and then eating crap on weekends just throws all your hard work out the window.
  3. need some help

    k thanks for the suggestions guys, ill give it a crack B-)
  4. need some help

    Thanks guys, getting about 7 hrs sleep not sure if this is enogh but it will have to do. Cutting out all junk foods and those moments where I think its ok I'll just have a bite! My plan is to consume about 2100 cal and burn about 500 cal a day taking me to a total of 1600cals. I plan on monitorig this by using a polar watch and android app. So the more I burn the more I am able to eat. Is this correct?? Diet I am starting tommorow will be: Meal 1: Instant poridge and coffee. Do workout then protien shake Snack: Almonds/fruit Meal 2: 250g Chicken and veg Meal 3: Tin of tuna/fruit Snack: Protien shake Meal 4: 250g kangaroo and veg I plan on rotating meats with Turkey, Salmon, Eggs (omalette) Is it ok to incorperate basmati rice into some meals? (can no longer stomach brown rice) My workout I have changed a little but is basiclly the same. Monday, bi tri B/B curl 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Hammer curls, 2 sets 12, 10 reps D/B concentration curls 2 sets 8, 6 reps Close grip B/B bench press 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Tricep pushdown rope 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Cable one arm tri extension 2 sets 12, 10 reps Tuesday, chest abs D/B incline 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps D/B bench 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps D/B fly 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Hanging leg raises 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Cable crunch 2 sets 10,10 reps D/B side bends 2 sets 10,10 reps Exercise ball crunch 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Wednsday Hams, calves Seated leg curls 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Seated calf raises 6 sets 4 sets, 14, 14,12,10,8, 6 reps Deadlifts 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Thursday back, abs Lat pull down 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Smith machine bent over row 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps D/B bent over rows 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Hanging leg raises 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Cable crunch 2 sets 10,10 reps D/B side bends 2 sets 10,10 reps Exercise ball crunch 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Friday shoulders Smith machine overhead shoulder press 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps D/B lat raises 3 sets 12, 10, 8 reps D/B front raises 2 sets 20, 16 reps Reverse flys 4 sets, 14,12,10,8 reps Deadlift to clean 5 sets 10, 10, 10, 10, 8 reps Stopped using jacked 3d and just having a coffee, also switched horley ripped for horley's ice. Will also ride my bike to work twice a week, its about 20 k round trip and takes all up about a hour. Let me know what you think guys
  5. Hi guys, Probably am going to get hammered by you guys here, but I've done a lot of reading of old threads and still don't understand. So here goes I am about 90kg and am about 170cm tall. I work 6 days a week have 2 small kids and am studying part time. Every day from Monday to Friday I get up at 3.45am have instant oats and jacked 3d. Then go to gym and work one body part for each day. Eg chest on Monday, legs on Tuesday, back on Wednesday etc. Some days I ride my bike to work about 20k round trip. I can only work out at this rubber due to study and family. My diet through out the day consits of chicken, Turkey, kangaroo, salmon, brown rice, fruit and veg. Horleys ripped shake once a day. Of late I have switched to basmati rice cause I can no longer stomach brown rice. Admititly lately I have been eating a shit load of junk, cause sick of not seeing the results I want. My goal us like so many others to build muscle lose fat, especially around the gut. Please guys offer some advise to diet and workout, starting to loose faith and need some inspiration.
  6. Short shifter troubles

    Thanks MidnightMods, thats a pretty generous offer, couldnt possibly accept. It seems to be going better without the centre console maybe it was fouling a bit somewhere. I'll pull the shifter out over the next couple of weeks and see how it looks. I'm happy with the way it is for now. Thanks agian for your help guys.
  7. Short shifter troubles

    Yep deffinently a short shifter, just pulled centre console out and can see one of those similar to whats on ebay, the one with a black plate. Funny thing, took it for a spin without centre console and gear changes were a bit easier. Also noticed when I undone the four bolts that hold the rubber boot down, there was a bit of oil there. Does this mean the gear box has been over filled? And have no idea of how old shifter is, maybe EnFlaMEd is right and it does just need wearing in? Thanks for the advise so far guys! It looks like this:
  8. Hi guys, Just bought a 2000 S15 which was a automatic converted to a 5 spd manual. I'm pretty sure it has had a short shifter installed as the gear stick is extremely low and gears are real tight and clicky also has a short stroke. 1st and 2nd gears are generally very hard to get into especially going down from 3rd to 2nd. When going from 3rd to 2nd you really have to push hard over to the left before pushing it down into 2nd. I'm pretty sure it's not synchro's as it doesnt grind at all. Has anyone experienced any similar problems with a short shifter? Done a search in the forums but nothing comes up. Can anyone offer any advise how to fix the problem? Any advise would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys.