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  1. they're BUDDYCLUB JR 6/8 less than 1000k on the car... looking for $900 if anyone is interested
  2. Hi everyone, my S13 has got some coilovers on them that i want to swap back to stock i have a full set of stock springs in struts but dont know how to put it on i dont want to spend $300 to get a mechanic to swap it for me and i've got no idea how to do this myself, so just wanna ask if anyone that knows what they're doing wouldnt mind giving me a hand with this. i've got the C spanners that comes with the coilovers just missing some other tools if anyone is free and wouldnt mind giving me a hand please let me know. i live in sydney inner west thanks !!! Allen
  3. s13 dial globes?

    is this the same ones? i think it is the best option i've found on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ZPE-Nissan-180SX-S1...1|39:1|240:1318 cheers
  4. s13 dial globes?

    thanks for that mate... very helpful... ZPE dont seem to have them right now i`ll try pm him cheers
  5. Hi Guys, i need replace almost all leds in the speed dials on my s13 do know which globes i need? http://media.narva.com.au/books/4.pdf was what i am looking at but need the model numbers for them thanks
  6. Hi guys, did a few searches but been getting random places and i havent dealt with them before and just after some opinions if you have taken your car to a auto electrician and experience.. i live near burwood so any around the area would be perfect!! besides the dials and headlights and windows nothing else electrical doesnt work... any info would be greatly appreciated
  7. anyone got his contact details? im looking to get my a front bar resprayed
  8. Ebrake ftw

    wat if you missed and kissed the curb or another car? wouldnt you be even more late for work?
  9. i got a stock 180sx bonnet in prime sitting around atm... in good condition $150 come pick it up inner west
  10. anyone know any around inner west?
  11. Martial Arts

    i personally think wing chun 1. does not require great deal of strength like boxing or thai boxing 2. builds up speed and is easy to learn for all genders and ages http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qhPDEOYbx4 but lessons by a good school " fung wing chun academy " is more expensive than most martial arts school...
  12. ricos at peakhurst did my 180sx when i did it... they are great!!! no time wasting and not butchering to the car!!
  13. my next touge car (project)

    get a suzuki cappucino that thing rips through corners like a knife on butter
  14. i am down if its on a weekend... my car should be shmick by then!!!!...hmm problem is that i dont have speakers in my car atm... hmmm...
  15. Hi, recently i've been getting alot of new topic notifications from this forum...i have no subscribed to anything like that under MY CONTROL i could not see any topics i have subscribe to for alerts or anything... and its becoming spam! any ideas?