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  1. SR20DET 200sx S14 Kouki Slow Build

    Good work man gonna follow this build
  2. Jasinex's JDM S15

    Nice S15 man tasteful mods. Throw a pic of the bay up
  3. Ant's "I s2 KOUKI" S14a Build

    Cheers man Unless your running a Triple Plate I wouldn't bother with the Nismo BOC man, the clutch pedal is like a marshmallow but I wanted that for sitting in traffic. Each to there own.. But the bracket is worth getting! Much more solid with all the extra welds.
  4. power fc

    The hunting has nothing to do with the PowerFC its because your running a MAP Sensor. Any ECU running a MAP Sensor will give those issues.
  5. Ant's "I s2 KOUKI" S14a Build

    Update: I decided not to use the Tomei 256 Poncams and have decided on a different setup; Tomei Procam 260/260 Tomei Solid Pivots Tomei Type B Valve Springs w/ Tomei Titanium Retainers Also got some stuff from Nengun today; Greddy Airflowless Suction Kit Cusco Oil Catch Tank
  6. Ant's "I s2 KOUKI" S14a Build

    Work hard and no misses, so I spoil my car instead haha. Can someone tell me how to have a pic next to your Members Ride Thread please?
  7. Ant's "I s2 KOUKI" S14a Build

    Update: Nismo 740cc Injectors Tomei Type L Fuel Pressure Regulator Also I got a brand new OEM Center Console. I had to wait close to 2 weeks for it to be made and shipped, you can smell the fresh molding
  8. Ant's "I s2 KOUKI" S14a Build

    IMO that's because everyone expects to make those Tomei figures with there stocker motor and cams. I know my cars not a SR22 and I know its not going to make 450hp nor do I want it to. Can I ask where you heard these reviews because when I bought it 6 months ago there was pretty much nothing online about them. If I remember correctly someone on Zilvia made 450HP on C16. My tuner reckons my set up on E85 will crack 300rwkw. I will give my own review in a couple months with a dyno graph.
  9. Ant's "I s2 KOUKI" S14a Build

    Thanks man I bought it off a guy approaching his 30s. It was his toy he drove a Navara as a daily. Plus it was Auto lol.
  10. Ant's "I s2 KOUKI" S14a Build

    Hello NissanSilvia.com my names Ant and I would like to share my build so far with you. I got my car almost 12 months ago now, it's a 1997 S14 200SX. I've always owned a Commodore including 3 RB VL's but this was my first real JDM move. Anyway this is what she looked like when I got her, and still does. I've been putting my time under the hood for now. The car come with a freshly rebuilt motor and receipts, a 4000KM Old Rebuild with; CP Forged Pistons ACL Race Main and Conrod Bearings Rebuilt Head ACL Triple Layer Metal Head Gasket Tomei Rocker Stoppers First thing I wanted to do was give the car some identification, so I got plates; Then I got started into sourcing parts for the Manual Conversion. I didn't want to do a eBay Job.. so I went to Nissan and sat down with the parts tech on Nissan FAST. I got everything I could from Nissan new down to Gearbox Bell Housing Bolts, I spent well over $1000 doing that part of it right. Next was the Gearbox and finding a S14 one was hard enough let alone a good one! in the end I bought a blown box off eBay and had a reco built by 360 Gearbox and Differential. I did the Manual Conversion with my brother on the floor. I'm a Ex Mechanic and his a current apprentice. Everything went great until I reached the Auto Spigot Bush. After hours of countless methods I threw the spanner and got it towed to his work. Once I could psychically stand and get my body weight behind the hammer, 3 hits and the darn thing was out. Here's some more pictures; In the end this is what went in for the Manual Conversion ​Reco 5 Speed Gearbox Exedy HD Clutch Kit Exedy Racing Flywheel New OEM Master Cylinder Nismo BOC Slave Cylinder GKTech Short Shifter GKTech Spring Lug Kit HPI Braided Clutch Line Nismo Pivot Release Ball Nismo Heavy Duty Clutch Pedal Bracket Nismo Gearbox Mount ​Aluminum 1 Piece Tail Shaft ​After the conversion was done I was feeling pretty good. Next thing was a; HDI Intercooler Kit ​In total I took the front bar and Intercooler off 3 times until I achieved perfect fitment ​ After this was done I drove around for about a month before I got sick of the T28. I started looking into Turbo Kits and went with the Tomei ARMS option for many factors. Keeping the car as a daily in mind and being low mount setup was another bonus. Up the car went again on stands and I started pulling off the old gear to make way for; Tomei ARMS M8270 Turbo Tomei Expreme Manifold Tomei Expreme Turbine Outlet HPI Dual Front Pipes Once the car was going again the Turbo had already made a huge difference and pleasant gains. I will be honest right now it builds rev's quite slow, but once its really spooling in 3rd it goes and goes. To resolve this issue Cams was next. Again with daily street use in mind I went with; Tomei 256 Poncams I've yet to put the Cams in as I'm waiting on a few more things to arrive like Nismo 740cc Injectors and Fuel Pressure Reg. Once I get those I'll be getting a PowerFC and shes going to the tuners. Thanks for reading and check back regularly for updates.