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  1. How to remove oil filter..

    I use one of these. But with the size of the oil filter though. Bad thing about this is it's only one size (obviously) lol Tried it once, not a nice adventure since I only have one car and I need to get it running for work the next day...lol
  2. S14 Will not start

    can the accessories power up perfectly, and is the fuel pump primed when the key is turned to ACC? if not then it could be a wiring issue in the ignition under your IP. if yes then it could be a connection issue between your battery to your starter. Or it could even be a blown fuse Use a multimeter and check for disconnects
  3. The Android thread

    you can look at it that way, but what's happening is Google is changing the apps from their open source project to Google IP protected apps that other companies can't cash in on. So right now there will be "double up" apps until the OSP closes and the google IP apps overwrite them. And it's not really bloatware as it's google IP apps that are designed to run with the software so it won't really slow it down. Bloatware is normally from carriers that do a poorly written app that hogs resources... even while just sitting in the background. true that. google background services is eating up more RAM in my CM10.1 compare to CM10 (or even CM7 for my previous phone). As you said, though these apps are designed to run with the OS, new API's are integrated with the new OS making them run as services rather than separate apps that can be closed. I have to use DisableServices for some of the functions to free up some RAMs.
  4. I had the same issue but it worked a while before it failed. One of the fuse for the black box was blown because the wire where I connect the 12V to has too much current when the engine is on.

    Referring to the NCOP and ADR is a good start to get you understand the rules. Once you know the rules like the back of your hands, then you can bend it however you want. Because if the cops do pull you over, you can show them that it complies with all the standards and laws.
  6. The Android thread

    I've noticed that Gapps are putting more and more bloatwares in their newer Androids. Is that the case for Kitkat? I don't like the feeling that the OS package is getting heavier and heavier
  7. The New Silvia

    and we'll start the "Back in my days~~~" chat... lol
  8. The New Silvia

    I'm going to hate it, not complained about it and build an s15 that a swag wouldn't like lol. lol imagine when all the cars on the road in the future all silent then suddenly an S15 come rushing down revving...
  9. The New Silvia

    IMO the definition of motor enthusiast, and fun sport cars are defined by the past, current, and future generation of the people. Imagine the things that we have now like smart phones, capacitive screens, quantum computers, gps systems etc. We accept them as necessity techs in life but that is not how the people 50 years ago see that. They may not accept the technology changes we have but they just have to deal with the change. The same thing is happening now in the automotive industry. They are targeting the "young market" and we are getting older every day. These cars are not for us, instead it is for the young """"swag"""" people we see on the street. OEM developers do their extensive research and market clinic to make sure their target market accepts the visual and performance concept of the vehicle. Opinions from people like us are pretty much useless to them. That's the reality of it. Either we accept the future and embrace it. Or we hate it and complain about it, like what the previous generation did to us.
  10. HELP! BUYING 200/s15

    Give it a test drive and check the brakes, gear shifting, RPM stability, tyre condition. Etc. Check for asymmetricity, in body panels as that indicates a previous collision If you can, hoist the whole car up to check the underbody conditions for cracks/deformation Check if you can get a RWC right away or are there things you need to change in the car to get the cert to get in on the road. If you are buying one for pure rebuilding and for track, some of the condition of the parts shouldn't matter much as you will fix/replace it along the way anyway. But if you are buying for an everyday car, pretty much everything needs to be street legal so make sure there are no illegal mods that you need to take out before getting the RWC because that'll eat up your time and it's a pain to do so.
  11. looking at moving down

    That would be the famous Pettit. Been the bain of Knox for a loooong time. Lol!!! Thanks for the insight...hahaha
  12. The New Silvia

    If you are talking about visual design, and shape of the car, there are so many standards that need to be put on cars today than what we had 20 years ago. Design rules and standards are enforced and revised for safety, ergonomics, ingress egress, and efficiency. There are hundreds of people in the OEM company putting the car together and they try their very best to cater the look and function of a car in the market (if it is too ugly, no one will buy and it will diminish their sales anyway). Hyundai and Kia are good examples in this case. If performance in terms of bhp, and vehicle dynamics, there are more constraints coming into play nowadays with government legislations like emission control, sound/noise control, nvh, and being more green. IMO, the performance market which caters for us hasn't die, it just changed to cater for new generations. Whether or not we accept and learn, or stay where we are and reject, it's our own individual choice.
  13. The future of motorheads

    Massive amount of leg space saved though. But if this car were to have front impact crash, I don't know what'll happen
  14. The future of motorheads

    Anyone? No pedals, just joysticks on either side. The door is in front rather than on the side.