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  1. Lets high five when we sail past each other in our yachts!
  2. Haha thanks man! XD what's doing? long time no NS spam from you LOL Oh you know living the dream, blowing SR's and daily-ing RB's You? Haha yea it's been a while hey!
  3. If you don't know the differences between your fuses and replaced it with one double the rating after it blew can I suggest going to a sparky to fix this (speaking as an auto elec myself) you're going to need to get another loom or patch it (I only recommend patching it if you know how to solder and what gauge wires you should be using)
  4. 1990 Nissan 180sx - $5,000

    Hahahahaha. Perhaps he is unfamiliar with the female reproductive system
  5. Pretty much plus one to everyone else. For the sake of a few hundred go buy a Bosch 040 (or something similar if you have an aversion to Bosch). An engine is only strong as it's weakest link.
  6. Loki's zil80

    Definitely! We can go sailing sometime Keen on Sunnybank bubble tea? Dude! Holy shit, the large scoop had reproduced and had a baby scoop offspring D: D: And yewww sounds the goods, bubble tea is amazing!
  7. Break in :(

    Perhaps a quick release wheel. If you aren't driving it everyday though pull out the ECU, I used to do this with my Power FC in my 180 when I'd stay places other than home to do track days when it was still street registered.
  8. Loki's zil80

    Girl I'm excited you have a 33 for daily life too. We need to catch up
  9. Agreeing with the tape option. I had clips on my old AW11 for my weathershields and they were rattly and suss (probs different for new ones but still)
  10. Merry Christmas!

    Ho Ho Ho
  11. Cold cranking amps is referring to starting yes, the amount of amps it can give to engage the starter motor when cranking. CCA stands for cold cranking amps so you are kind of correct, but not cold weather, it's referring to cold starts as in when the engine hasn't been runnig and is completely cold.... Nothing to do with weather. Well yes weather effects how a cold engine will start, in winter it's harder for the engine to turn over due to resistance etc. The CCA rating is not directly related to weather but the ease in which an engine will turn over will differ in different temperatures. Rule of thumb, the more current the better.
  12. Cheers, I like the paint too! Thanks mangg, now to get it ready for Japnats. You should enter!
  13. Haha It's a fun little track, I'll be more keen for Mallala once the 180s ready again but.
  14. Thanks, bf did an awesome job on it! Some footage of me (Starting at 1:04) trying a sneak attack to pass on the inside of the boyfriend, worked only to spin like a retard. Haha oh well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzgEDPP5Hh8