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  1. Your a tool.... richard is correct
  2. DJs: Post your latest and greatest mix here.

    a mix i put together feed back please good or bad
  3. Terror in Norway

    any1 got copy of that diary coz its been delted it would appear.. from above link
  4. mallala matsuri

    well since i sold my car i wont be out , but the new owner will be out in it , unfortunately i wont be there to see how he goes
  5. do you have to do another test after your L's to go to p's or full or after 6mnths is it automatic ?
  6. SA drifter at Winton Matsuri..

    link please to aftermarth thread
  7. So i decided to lean a bit..

    also just one more quick question , you doing water or milk with the protien shakes ? Im at about 114kg and 6'4 atm , with similar lifts to you wanting to cut to about 105-100kg mark , so Im gonna copy this diet and see how i go
  8. Decent Lifting Gear: BRIS

    take it shipping interstate isnt an option
  9. So i decided to lean a bit..

    Read above i have showed everyone what my rough diet is.. what is EAS myoplex? never heard of it.. I'm at a software company in an office. travel 2 hours to get here each way on public transport pain in the ass. When ever my boss has a ciggie break i'm usually sippin on a protein shake or having a quik meal. it's not that difficult. you put the effort in and it pays off. yeh i saw you had protein shake but what sort of protein shake ... EAS myoplex is a meal replacement shake
  10. So i decided to lean a bit..

    you having whey protein shake or a meal replacement like EAS myoplex ?
  11. So i decided to lean a bit..

    howd u get the body fat mesurements...
  12. rego question

    just a quick question my vic rego is about to run out... how long can the car be unregod before i have to get a rwc to rego it ?? or is it if rego expires for 1 day then you automatically have to get rwc ?
  13. First Drift practice of 2011

    i had a miss fire all night, that made it impossible..... wasn't impressed as i just got the car up from being tuned yesterday....
  14. Need a favour

    cheers guys, thanks for the offer christian , much appreciated, but JMC just down the road so ill test it on his. , JMC just hit you up then
  15. My drifter is playing funny buggers and trying to find out if its my powerfc or car, So im looking to simply plug my powerfc into someones sr20 and see if she runs running off my powerfc . Any1 able to help me out here ? thanks