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  1. Pendulum - Immersion

    on first listen i was feeling a little let down by the album, but then gave it another listen the next day and the more i listened the more i liked it
  2. T.I

    yeah i definitely agree, Paper Trail & LAX get cranked at least once a week each on my ipod while i'm at work... Raw Footage was good but could've been better My opinion: LAX - 4.5/5 Paper Trail - 4/5 Raw Footage - 3.5/5
  3. Regency & Spare Parts

    Also when you have a FMIC make sure that you haven't cut the front reinforcement bar (the one inside the bumper), they let me bend it but once you cut (or crack it from bending) then it has to be replaced. Try not to cut the chassis rail under the battery tray they don't like that either. This info was given to me when i rang the guys at vehicle standards/modifications (its under the transport sa section in the phonebook) Do as much as you can to your car to get it clean, much better going through first time than paying 3 times for one car Don't forget the Vehicle ID check place, they are quite anal with the paperwork for the repairs and purchasing of spare parts, well they were when i crashed my car...
  4. Turbo Timers!

    I copped a defect for mine the other weekend, mind you they wouldn't have found it if i didn't crash the f'n car in the first place and then they started looking over it for other things.... The thing is i've been thinking about getting rid of it anyway, well i guess i have to now this has happened...
  5. bored at work

    i feel the pain, drafting can get pretty boring sometimes.... i used to mess around drawing heaps of stuff in 3D on autocad 2007, that was after being warned about excess internet usage, the company has an office in every state and i came 6 in the country...
  6. insurance on type x 180, how much?

    I'm with Just Car I was 21 when i got my car, 94 180sx with rims, bodykit The first 12 months cost me $1100 because i had a claim on a previous car within 3yrs Now its under $1000 and i got a rating 1!!! I haven't informed them of the mods done to it since then so it might go up a bit if i told them...
  7. A friend of mine picked up one off ebay for his 180. Its been in for just over 6 months and he has had his gearbox repaired once and now something has come loose or broken and it just feels like crap you can't even tell if its in gear properly, the gearstick actually moves around that much while its in gear its really quite scary. But while it was working good it was great i even thought about getting one myself then his gearbox went and that changed my mind on them.
  8. sorry dude tried that and it still went off...
  9. first up thanks for the responses guys, second how would i have disconnected the battery backup siren and where do i look to see if i have accidently done it.
  10. Like the topic says i installed an amp yesterday and got it all connected up and i was thinking i may have knocked a sensor or something when running the cables. Because after that i went for a drive and ended up back at a mates place, jumped out hit the button on the remote and my alarm started going off almost immediately after arming it, so i let it arm itself and it was fine for about a minute then started going off again. Anyway happened a couple more times that night so when i got home i tried it again, with the same result. So at 3:00am i'm out in my driveway disconnecting the battery so i don't wake the neighbours with the alarm. I was wondering if anybody has had a similar problem or has any idea of what it could be... oh its in a 180sx if that helps
  11. It was definitely something to do with wiring, i'm not sure they seemed to be dodgy auto-elecs anyway coz somehow they managed to put my car into a gutter and smashed my front bar...
  12. That happened to me last summer, it turned out to be a fried wiring loom. Might want to check that out it maybe the same thing.