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  1. Dan's Daily S15.

    [ My S15 ] Nothing special about her. Just another s15. Modded the way i like My aim is to build a tough street car that can hold its own on track. still a long way to go... ill get there FUTURE MODS: Interior: Removal of 'dead weight' or even CF replacement's Exterior: Front and Rear diffuser's Genuine Ganador Side Mirrors Rear Aero Pods Suspension/Handling: Half Cage/Maybe full - see what happens Front/Rear Lower arm bar D-Project Oversized Sway Bar Front/Rear D-Project Front/Rear Roll Center Adjuster Adjustable Tie Rod Ends Lower Control Arms - maybe D-Project Strengthened Steering Rack Bushes Side Bar Lower middle Bar Brakes ENDLESS brake kit [ 4 pot racing ] Engine: Engine: JE Forged Pistons Eagle H-beam conrods ACL race main bearings ACL race conrod bearings Cometic Metal Head Gasket ARP Main studs ARP head studs Tomei PROCAMS 262in, 272ex - 12.5mm lift TOmei Cam Gear [ EX ] Rocker Arm Stopper Kit Apexi Power FC w/ hand controller Z32 AFM Apexi Power Intake Pod Filter Garret 3071R Braided turbo lines POWERTUNE Exhuast manifold Turbosmart 38mm External Wastegate Screamer pipe Tomei Dump Pipe Custom straight pipe catback system finishing in TWIN 3.5" pipes 740cc Nismo Injectors GReddy Spec M FMIC Blitz Blow off valve Genuine Bosch Fuel Pump Exterior Spec R Bodykit Debadged Boot Removed wing Yashio Factory Smoked LED tail lights Origin Carbon Fibre Boot lip ATTAIN Carbon Fibre Rear Bumper Exhaust shield Ganador Style Side mirrors DMAX Roof Spoiler Genuine Nissan Rear Fenders rolled and flared 60mm!! Suspension & Wheels Cusco Front strut Cusco Rear strut Cusco Adjustable Castor Rods Whiteline Adjustable Camber Arm Kit Whiteline Adjustable Toe Rods Whiteline Subframe Bushes R-Logic fully adjustable coilovers SSR Type F - Flat Black 18 x 9.5 +12 18 x 11 +21[/b] Brakes RDA Slotted rotors on all fours Project MU B+ Spec pads Driveline Original S15 6 Speed Gearbox Exedy Organic clutch [ ALL WORK DONE BY 101 MOTORSPORT ]

    .... back up for sale...... lol http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=482106&st=0&gopid=6134910entry6134910
  3. Hey Guys, for christmas 2009, i decided to spoil myself and buy myself a Nikon D90 - 18mm-200mm lens iv always been into photography and loved lookin at awesome shots of... well anything so i finally decided to spend the money and pick up a decent DSLR so, iv been playin around and these are the shots iv come up with.. also, if you gusy could share tips/techniques - would be much appreciated. this is basically the first time iv ever picked up a camera and started to learn how to edit, etc etc... well heres a few shots of my car out teh front of my house.. was just playin around to see what id get....... end result.....
  4. Dan's Training Log

    Hey Fella's - don't know why i havn't started one of these, but anyway... here's my first post. Stats: Age:21 Weight:92KG Training for 1 FULL Year as of 10th of September [ consistently ] Sunday, 04/10/2009 Bench Press - recently have injured my left delt. unable to bench anything heavier at the moment. really concentrating on explosive pressing Bar x 10 Bar x 20 Push Ups x 10 60KG x 10 60KG x 15 100KG x 10 100KG x 10 105KG x 8 107.5KG x 6 110KG x 5 107.5KG x 4 105KG x 7 105KG x 7 102.5KG x 5 100KG x 4 Dips BW x 15 BW x 15 BW x 10 BW x 8 BW+20KG x 5 BW+20KG x 3 BW+25KG x 1 Comments: have been feeling off recently, as i am trying to lean [ something i have never done before ]. My calorie intake is much lower and because of this... i just never feel 100%. Overall, i think i gave it my best... chest is gonna be hurting tomorrow
  5. Dan's Training Log

    Wednesday, 01/12/2010. Comments: shoulder was feeling okayish today.. but for some reason, elbow was sore? really effected my benching. so i went lighter, but even then... still shit house, lost alot of speed in my pressing towards the end of my benching workout. Bench press: about 30-45 secs rest between each set. bar x 3 x 2 60KG x 3 x 2 80Kg x 3 80Kg x 3 90Kg x 3 95KG x 3 set 1: 100KG x 3 set 2: 110KG x 3 set 3: 105Kg x 3 set 4: 100KG x 3 set 5: 105Kg x 3 set 6: 100KG x 3 set 7: 105Kg x 3 set 8: 100KG x 3 set 9: 105Kg x 3 set 10: 100KG x 3 set 11: 105Kg x 3 set 12: 100KG x 3 set 13: 100KG x 3 set 14: 100KG x 3 Dips: 20KG + BW x 10 x 3 and a few other bits n pieces here n thurrrrr
  6. Post your height & weight

    lol, what the.. dam you guys blessed with height! u should be trying to gain not lose!
  7. Post your height & weight

    198 @ FKN 80kG?!?!! WTF, EAT SON!!!!!
  8. I lift stuff

    175 x 11! jesus man.. and not on a strong day ay, haha..
  9. Dan's Training Log

    Monday, 29/11/2010 - Deadlift Comments: had a shit day on friday deadlifting, shoulder wasn't feeling the best today either.. so i thought i would just deadlift again today.. and today was fkn awesome, felt great, lifts were explosive, weights felt lighter. Deadlift: 60 x 3 60 x 3 100 x 3 100 x 3 140 x 3 140 x 3 180 x 1 215 x 1 - felt light as f**k. 220 x 1 - felt quite easy, most probably had a 222.5KG in me today. start of working sets.. 190 x 3 180 x 3 190 x 3 180 x 3 180 x 3 170 x 3 180 x 3 170 x 3 160 x 3 170 x 3 160 x 3 170 x 3 160 x 3 170 x 3 160 x 3 so, iv changed my training style, i will be trying 3 reppers for awhile, see how i go.. really working on speed of my deads, today was just a tester, the reason why my weight dropped was because my speed slowed down a lot. will probs just rep -150-170 x 3 next week, see how im feeling!
  10. Post your height & weight

    el freako, is a freak. strong fella. deads are awesome.
  11. lifting vs social life

    i lift. i also go clubbing, i dont drink.. but i do eat chicken breast and banana before i go in and have another banana and protein shake when i come out. been doing it for awhile, doesn't really effect my lifting, unless i get shit sleep. i used to close myself off to all my mates and not go out and whatever - didn't wanna waste all the hard work i put in, but i honestly see no slowing in my progression? guess im lucky? dont have to stand around mate, just hit the dance floor. lol
  12. Post your height & weight

    ^^^ lol don't worry about it man. its the internet people always gonna make BS claims, haha. anyway, dun know what the point of this thread is.. but im bored so, ill join in. 93.5KG's @ 170cm's. lifting stats?? Squat: 192.5KG Deadlift: 220KG Bench: don't know 1RM, rotator cuff still being a slut.
  13. Dan's Training Log

    Saturday, 27/11/2010 - Deadlift Comments: shit session this week for deads, didn't really get to work hard at anything, i was busy with work and just made it to the gym with 50 mins to spare. i think ill push bench back a few days and dead again on Monday. anyway... Deadlift: 60 x 5 x 2 100 x 5 x 2 140 x 2 x 2 180 x 2 200 x 1 215KG x 1 - lift was good, didnt get caught on knee sleeves this time, lol.. bloody things. 217.5KG x 1 - cheat rep, got it to the knee's and rested it for a sec and finished the lift off, i feel like i can get this lift, maybe take a week off deads or squats. if i do, i will finally be back to where i was preinjury BUT 5-6KG's heavier
  14. Dan's Training Log

    22/11/2010 - Monday, Bench COMMENTS: shoulder felt pretty good today but i have just started a new diet. i have decided i cant handle this bulking anymore, i feel fkn uncomfortable, cant breathe properly most the time, feel like a slob. 170cm's @ 94.5KG's is big enough for now, i need to clean the slate and do a clean bulk in a few months. anyway... Bench - 60 x 5 60 x 5 100 x 5 105 x 3 110 x 7 - wasn't gonna go any higher than this weight.......................... 120 x 7 120 x 4 120 x - fail LOL, fkn gassed already!!! 115 x 5 110 x 6 Dips: BW x 15 x 4 sets - 30-50 sec rest between each set. 24/11/2010 - Wednesday, Squats COMMENTS: wasn't feeling too awesome today, was pretty tired.. knee feels a bit shitty, so i think i need to start working at lower weight, higher reps again. was good whiel it lasted - see what happens next week. Squats - 60 x 5 60 x 5 100 x 5 100 x 5 140 x 3 180 x 2 200 x 3 - KNEE"S WRAPPED, just wanted to see how i went, 3rd rep was spotted, i lost form on the way up. 215 x 1 - spotted, i think it was possibly a 212.5KG lift. spotter tocuhed my chest and i automatically fixxed my posture. now the working sets start - 2mins to 2mins 30 secs rest between each set 170 x 4 170 x 4 170 x 4 - last rep spotted 170 x 4 170 x 5 - last 2 reps spotted f**k IT 1 more, lol 170 x 5 - last rep spotted. possibly, height may be questionable on a few.. dont think i broke 90 on all of em, so probs shouldnt have 170'd it, lol
  15. Dan's Training Log

    Saturday, 20/11/2010 - Deadlift Deadlift - Felt pretty good today! 60 x 5 x 2 100 x 5 x 2 140 x 5 180 x 1 200 x 2 - touch n go. 185 x 5 - touch n go 185 x 5 - touch n go 185 x 5 - touch n go 185 x 5 - touch n go 185 x ... couldnt even get 185 off the ground. lol
  16. yeah, ausbb is where im at now too.
  17. Dan's Training Log

    Monday 15.11.2010 - Bench Bench: really bad start to the week, shoulder was shit house, dun know why, just felt crap again. 100KG x 8 x 3 80Kg x 15 x 3 shit work out....... Wednesday 17/11/2010 - Squat Squat: Awesome session, f**kin LOVED it, felt like i was in ecstasy! hahaha 60Kg x 5 60KG x 5 100KG x 5 100Kg x 5 140KG x 5 180KG x 2 190KG x 1 192.5KG x 1 - spotter helped a tiny bit, form was a bit off when i hit rock bottom, but it felt liek a strong squat, i will give it a go in 2 weeks or so.. pretty confident in pulling it off.. almost back to where i was before!!! too bad im 5-6KG'x heavier lol 162.5KG x 5 162.5KG x 5 162.5KG x 5 162.5KG x 5 162.5KG x 5 162.5KG x 7 - last rep spotted helped quite a bit, probably took about 10-15KG's of pressure off. got 6 by myself though cant wait for tomorrow, when its gonna hurt to take a shit, hahaha
  18. Before After Pictures

    haha, thanks man. only thing i got going for me until my shoulder is ready to press again.
  19. Dan's Training Log

    Friday 12/11/2010 - Deadlift Deadlift 60 x 5 60 x 5 100 x 5 140 x 5 180 x 1 210 x 1 212.5 x 1 - PR since coming back, felt like a really good pull 215 x 1 - got it to the knee's got caught on my knee sleeves, LOL, was on idle for about 3 secs before dumping weight( first time training with em, giving them a go )[ will get this lift next week i reckon, fingers crossed my back is ok, lol ] 215 x 1- failed, couldnt even get it off the ground this time.. 185 x 4 185 x 5 185 x 4 - last rep was f**kED, i didnt reset after every rep on this last rep as i went down, one side of the bar hit teh ground first and as i came up, it was just fkn retarded, felt something in my back kinda let go, not sure what.. hope its nothing serious.. spewin that im not taking enough care, getting too excited since coming back.
  20. Dan's Training Log

    Wednesday, 10/11/2010 - Squats All lifts in this session were performed with belt, weighting lifting shoes and METAL powerlifting soft suit. Squat 60 x 5 60 x 5 100 x 5 140 x 5 160 x 1 182.5KG x 1 - not used to putting on belt so tigjt, i fell forward a bit - spotter caught me and brought me upright - felt easy though 185KG x 1 - nailed it 190Kg x 1 - almost failed, just pushed through - i have a video of it, but im not happy with the video, looks like spotter was helping, but his hands were not yet touching my chest. will post it up later. 160 x 4 reps for 4 sets tried for 5 sets only got 160 x 2 and failed 3rd rep. was an awesome session, squatting with someone that moves more weight than me in this session, so alot more motivation! only 5KG's off i was squatting previously but about 5KG's heavier as well.
  21. Dan's Training Log

    Monday 08.11.2010 - Bench 110 x 7 115 x 6 115 x 6 120 x 3 - i know i shouldnt have done it, but... shoulder felt nice and solid so much for trying to make myself stay in the 8-10 rep range. lol.. Dips BW x 15 BW x 13 BW x 10 30 sec rest between each set. cant go too heavy on these yet, but im glad i can do them again. See you guys again for Squats on Wednesday
  22. Dan's Training Log

    07/11/2010 - Sunday So today, i felt quite good, got a good nights sleep.. even though my back was a bit sore, i decided to go in and do some speed reps and BB complexes... Sooo........ Squat 120 x 3 x 5 - felt good, very explosive from the bottom of the squat BB COMPLEX Bent Rows x 10 Deadlift x 10 Clean x 10 Front Squat x 10 performed with 62.5KG on bar. nothing special today. hopefully a good day of benching tomorrow
  23. Dan's Training Log

    Thanks man, working on it!
  24. I lift stuff

    holy shit man, you are an el freako, insane lifts, id love to be pulling that weight when im 27 or so.
  25. Dan's Training Log

    ^^ 06/10/2010 - Saturday, Deadlifts Deadlifts - Conventional 60 x 5 x 2 100 x 5 x 2 140 x 5 180 x 1 210 x 1 - JUST got it, kind of did a cheat rep though, i got stuck at the top, so i sat back and kinda rested bar on my legs for half a second before locking out. technically, i didnt get it... but.......... im saying i did, LOL now to start the workout.. 180 x 4 180 x 5 180 x 4 180 x 2 did these with belts and i didnt reset after every deadlift, i kinda just did a lil bounce at the bottom. I do these once in a while just to work with a bit more load, every so often. See you all again on Monday, for some BP so tempted to check my max on BP................ dun know if i should.