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  1. +1 for chasers footscrazy, he tuned my FC rx7 and everytime it ran like a dream, I was always picky and once I found Paul there I never changed tuners +1 for chasers footscrazy, he tuned my FC rx7 and everytime it ran like a dream, I was always picky and once I found Paul there I never changed tuners
  2. is it legal tow car with strap?

    +1 for legal. just be smart about it. and from memory the person in the car being towed is still in charge of a vehicle so still road rules still apply.
  3. Viper Alarm Installer

    ok, does anyone know anyone that is mobile that can fix this damn thing?
  4. Viper Alarm Installer

    its like the remote isn't synched with the car anymore, car permanently locked and immobiliser is armed so i can't start it. I've tried manually disarming the alarm with the valet button like it says in the manual, that don't work either. so I'm just trying to get a hold of this guy and see if he programmed it any differently to the what the manual says cause i know that can be done. even if i could recode the control for it would be wicked, but I'm not sure thats the problem at the moment. it all started when my battery went flat, i charged the battery and put it back in the car and now its got aids. its just a little frustrating.
  5. Viper Alarm Installer

    hey guys, i know tho isn't probably in the right section but I'm stuck and this is probably my last effort so please leave it up for at least a little while! i had a viper pager alarm system installed in my car about 5 years ago, I'm pretty sure i got his details off this site, and i lost the guys number that did it, i dropped my car at his place in Meadow Heights. i remember he used to have a car built for sound offs. anyone else ever use him and still have his contact number? my alarm has shit itself and the car is pretty much a paperweight. if not, anyone know a decent mobile alarm specialist that knows VIPER alarms? Josip.
  6. Viper 791X isnt responding

    it receives messages from the car, just doesn't send anything. it kinda happened over night so I'm a little lost.
  7. Viper 791X isnt responding

    hopefully it doesn't come to that. anyone know of any ways to fix it or even disable it so i can drive it?
  8. HEY GUYS, ive had this viper 791x pager autostarter alarm in my rx7 for about 5 years and now its playing up. i didnt drive the car for about a month, the battery went flat in the remote for it and i replaced it as usual. the difference is the car now doesnt respond to the commands from the remote. and the car has LOCKED itself some how and i cant even drive it anywhere to fix it. anyone know how i can fix it? PLEASE?

    thanks guys, got hooked up by nothern brake and clutch, a price that no other place would believe and beat ahahaha to anyone seeking exedy, hit up tom, he's a gun

    thanks heaps guys, im looking into it now. im not too sure on flywheel specifics but is it worth getting a lightweight flywheel while im there?

    hey guys, i know this probably isnt the right spot but i need this clutch quick and i need it in melb. im looking to get an exedy clutch for my fc rx7, got 180rwkw's and im planning for a bit more power. last time i looked into clutches the best one i found for my application was cushion button clutch because its my daily driver also. who can i order and pick up a clutch from preferably around the s.e suburbs, help me out please guys. my contact number is 0421 725 356 in case calling is preferred.
  12. D bar in a roll cage

    the cross bar?
  13. cant select gears

    also, i got the car home by putting it in first and starting the car, it kept jumping forward even when the clutch was in, i drove home in first gear and managed to revv match between a couple of gears but it was still dodgy as hell
  14. hey guys, other night gave my fc3s a little clutch kick in second whilst rolling, worked fine until i tried changing gears, stuck in Neutral. cannot select ANY gears. when i push the clutch in, it still makes that twin plate rattle so it sounds like the clutch is engaging, when the car is on i CANNOT select any gears but when the car is off i can move around the gears fine.... anyone got an idea of how much damage im up for? josip