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  1. Look like Eastbear skirts. All the 'aero'skirts Kmak replicates are eastbear too.
  2. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    A few pages back I spent so long looking for non droopy aero skirts cos everyone seems to think chuki skirts are for silvias. Of course you seem to just walk right into them haha
  3. That black 180.5 on here should be enough to show you not to run 15 front and flares.
  4. SR20DE S13.

    Silvia ones are flat. 180SXs have the slight droop towards the wheels but no where near as much as these.
  5. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    Rota Slipstream
  6. n/a TALK <<

    Love my QLD boys! Mmmm the videos are of the chill awesome guys, Friday night QR though is just bogans Admittedly I bet everyone wants a taste of each others scene
  7. old school s13s?

    Ehhhhh crystals and that random vent kill it

    I'm there for April yewwwwwwwwwwwww
  9. My 13 with bricks and standard wiring, the outside is low beam and the inside is highbeam. I think the other plug you have is for foglights on projector lights
  10. Interesting because the bonnets are the same other than the headlight cut outs. Jealous of the speed you got this thing built.
  11. n/a TALK <<

    I talked to Nigel when he was up here in Queensland. He said he earns about 50k pa with a house to pay off. He also told me how much money has been put into the ute. I can't remember the exact value but it was actually shockingly low though the man hours were through the roof.
  12. n/a TALK <<

    I'm using Cusco tuned length power ball
  13. UNC's option aero s13 & S12

    Get on the ball