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  1. Anyone in perth area?

    SILVIA WA dude, pretty decent group and they put on events and track days (at least when i was still in WA). Very welcoming, met plenty of decent members on there willing to help a brother out
  2. Apparently roadworthy certificates for second hand cars may be scrapped in vic, anyone know more about this? VACC seem to be kicking up a bit of a stink over it.
  3. roadies may be not necessary in vic?

    I only saw an ad posted by VACC (in real life) in the herald sun, thought i would chuck up a quick question/post from my phone. On further inspection it probaly doesnt apply to a 20yr old nissan. Some articles i dug up both dated this month (July 2014) http://practicalmoto...fety-says-vacc/ http://www.heraldsun...v-1226997752373
  4. Toyota Mr2 Sw20 Manual P-plate friendly Jdm

    too baller to have a price lol
  5. Moved from ACT to VIC.. Insurance so expensive! :(

    I had pretty much the same coming from WA to VIC, rego/insurance is phenomenal here
  6. Like a sex offender register? Well, guess it puts a new spin to the term "rim job"
  7. its almost as if we need to start a register of trusted users on NS.com that can collect interstate items on the behalf of other members to verify legitimacy for a nominal fee/favor. Therese no reason why we shouldn't be afraid of buying interstate because of *richard cranium* scammers, just need to find a solid community workaround.
  8. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    This totally made my morning http://youtu.be/r0sKaYrhu20
  9. Stalactites fight in Melbourne

    Fk me they tore that joint up. how's that bitch at the end.
  10. Getting too old for the "Silvia" scene?

    My niece does this as well
  11. Getting too old for the "Silvia" scene?

    I grew up around plenty of older dudes well beyond their late 40's (including my father, an ex army mechanic) and onwards that owned older and vintage vehicles that they purchased and repaired/modified all their lives, so I don't get this "too old" for this or that mindset at all. I am now pushing towards my late 30's, and I think I will keep my 180sx possibly for the rest of my life, simply because I don't believe in this throw-away economy, things can still work perfectly fine and provide much enjoyment if you let them and take care of them. Also 944's lol, if anything screams "midlife crisis" its a geriatric in a 944 (although the ones with the LS conversions seem pretty bad ass)
  12. Fully Sick 12" Pioneer Sub in box $80

    If you absolutely dying to fill half your silvia or 180SX boot with a sub box look no more. Pioneer uleh spec 12" in box, gets the bitches wet. Has a scuff on carpet seen in pic below Asking for $80 Located eastern suburbs. Pick up only.
  13. PIC OF THE DAY! Discussion ENCOURAGED!

    HAHA dunno why that reminds me of http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/83884328/
  14. Game of Thrones (contains spoilers)

    pretty much the same
  15. 1992 Nissan 300ZX Coupe Twin Turbo Manual Rebuilt

  16. Garage Clean Up 180sx/s13 - $50

    Price : $50 Condition : Used Got some stuff i need to clear out Factory white 180sx bonnet, has kink in one corner next to headlight, can be knocked back straight, other than that perfect fit - $50 Stock exhaust parts for s13/180sx, Dump pipe, Front pipe with stock CAT - $50 the lot
  17. Garage Clean Up 180sx/s13 - $50

    Bonnet gone, still have exhaust parts $50 the lot
  18. 2002 Nissan 200sx Spec S GT

    Price as per rules man
  19. pod air filter cover

    its just that its made from a cheapish perspex sheet which in the short term i guess does the job, however it was prone to cracking depending on how often you had to remover and redo the screws or and over time the little clips would crack the holes etc... so even for the "low" price of 90 bucks it still is not really worth it more like $20 Also don't expect that alone to shield the heat in the engine bay, I also ran ducting to the enclosure from the front bar to get more fresh air in. I personally would prefer something with longevity and some robustness.
  20. pod air filter cover

    I had one of those hi octane plastic covers. Cheap and shitty. Although it does cover the pod and didn't catch fire lol.
  21. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  22. PIC OF THE DAY! Discussion ENCOURAGED!

    that dog needs to be put down
  23. Already looking at usenet accounts for downloads. Will share my findings when I get it all sorted out but essentially you pay a fee be it by block or by period to transfer encrypted data.
  24. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    really? you can do a lot with Creative Cloud nowadays.