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  1. Hey all, I know most people on here probably won't like scissor/lambo doors but I just wanted to know of who has them fitted to an S15 and where they got them for and how much they paid?
  2. Hey guys. Has anyone had the issue of their headlights looking all crackled/shattered? I have tried to feel the exterior surface of the headlight with my fingers but it doesn't seem to be on the outside (not 100% though). It is most noticeable at night with the headlights on. Anyone have this problem? And can offer some fix, if any?
  3. Thanks mate. I did give them a polish already today as they were hazy/dull and it just made the cracks show up even more now as the lens is much clearer.
  4. I have a S15 Varietta and have already done the SR20DET engine conversion taken from a ADM spec R S15. I also have the rear diff in my possession from the ADM turbo s15. Is there a difference between my non turbo diff and the turbo diff? And if so, is it worth changing?
  5. Thanks guys. Danny180sx: I'm assuming my current diff is NON LSD as the Varietta is based on the Spec S. That's why I wanted to see if people think it's worth the swap. 6330: They are both auto diffs (my current Varietta one and the lsd from the Spec R). Do you know if theres a difference in ratios from the Spec R and Spec S diffs?
  6. Forgot to mention my Varietta is Auto and so is the ADM Spec R.
  7. Hi everyone, I have done a self diagnostic on my S15 SR20DET and it is coming up with error code 21 which is ignition signal error. The car has ignition but will not crank over. Has anyone had this issue before and what was the resolution? I am thinking possibly the condenser. Has anyone tested one before because I tried to test the continuity between both terminals but was not getting any reading.
  8. I have removed my injectors from my ADM S15 SR20DET Motor today and would like to know if someone can help me identify them because I was looking at getting them serviced/cleaned but want to make sure they're the right injectors for my motor before doing that and putting them back in. The motor has only done 110,000km and was a one owner lady since knew so i'm doubting they've been changed before but i'm not sure. I want to know if ADM and JDM are the same injectors and cc. Mine are Purple with A46-F32 embedded on them (see pic below):
  9. Ahh okay, thanks for the reply mate
  10. Thanks mate. Mine are purple in colour, so they seem to be the 370cc injectors I believe. Do I need a tune if I change mine to the purple injectors or even 550cc aftermarket ones?
  11. And does manual and auto have different injectors?
  12. Hey all, I need accurate ECU wiring diagrams for the following two models: ADM S15 SR20DET JDM S15 SR20DE (Varietta - I believe is the same as the Spec S) Both need to be for Auto Transmission
  13. Alright so i've found the ADM DET ECU Wiring Diagram, but have had no luck finding the JDM DE Auto (Spec S) ECU Diagram after hours of searching. Can anyone help??
  14. Problem fixed. Thanks for everyones assistance. There was a cracked pipe going from the throttle body to bov which was causing to much vacuum. Plastic welded that quickly and it's now working perfectly.
  15. The fuel guage on my S15 (JDM) remains on the correct fuel level when the engine is turned off or on - it doesn't change, but on my S15 (ADM) - this is the one I am having issues with, the fuel guage drops to the bottom (empty) when the ignition is turned off and goes to the correct level when the ignition is turned on, but when trying to crank the motor over the fuel guage gradually drops to the bottom. Is this normal? The fuel pump is priming and fuel filted/lines have fuel in them.
  16. Hi mate, I was referring to the Ignition Condenser located next to the oil filler cap. It has two terminals which should show continuity between both terminals above 100Mohms but I couldn't get a reading. I've checked coils with power transistors and that was fine. I'll check the plugs next.
  17. SR20DE > SR20DET

    You mentioned you need to give power to one extra wire on the wiring loom on the DE, but if going from the DE to DET ecu/loom I take it you don't need any additional wiring? I did this conversion about 2 months ago, you need to give a 12v source for the coilpacks. Once you've fitted up the DET loom/ecu all you need to do is connect the blue/red wire to the black/red wire on the big grey plug behind the passenger headlight. Thanks for the info mate, I'll be doing the conversion in the next week or two and it's good to know this info
  18. SR20DE > SR20DET

    You mentioned you need to give power to one extra wire on the wiring loom on the DE, but if going from the DE to DET ecu/loom I take it you don't need any additional wiring?
  19. SR20DE > SR20DET

    Hope you get some answers mate as I'm also looking for this answer. I'm doing a complete conversion from SR20DE to SR20DET on my S15 Varietta.
  20. Hey all, I've got a S15 Varietta SR20DE which I am converting to SR20DET in the upcoming weeks (already purchase a writeoff to use for the parts) and would like to know if anyone has had any experience in doing this? My Varietta is Auto and I am using a ADM Spec R Auto donor car too so it will be a more simpler conversion given the auto to auto. I will be using the Spec R Engine & Gearbox for the conversion. I would prefer that people not reply to this thread with any smart ass replies, but simply if they know any of the below answers to reply My questions: 1. Does the whole wiring loom need to be changed? Or is there sections where it plugs in and I can retain certain sections of the existing loom? 2. Will the loom suit my Varietta as a plug and play given my car has the additional Hard Top Convertible component or will it need to be modified to suit? 3. I will be upgraded the front brakes (rears I believe are the same). Would I need to change the Master Cylinder as I noticed these are different according to specs? 4. Are the radiators the same? 5. Is the Air Con Compressor the same? 6. Is the Power Steering Pump the same? 7. The speedometer is different (Varietta = 180km/h, Spec R = 240km/h). Can I retain my existing speedomoter without calibration? Thanks in advance for anyones assistance!
  21. Hey all, As the topic title suggests, I am looking to convert my S15 (varietta) non-turbo auto into a turbo manual or possibly just a turbo auto. I have a damaged car (but complete) S15 with the SR20DET Manual already which I will be using to take the parts off. Now the questions is: 1. If I decide to keep it Auto and just do the SR20DET conversion (so much easier as I don't have to deal with cluster, gearbox, clutch etc), would that work with the ECU/Wiring Harness or would I need to find a turbo ECU/Harness from an Auto S15? Also any other advice would be appreciated.
  22. Wiring harness would be the same right?
  23. Hey all, I have the non-turbo S15 Varietta - Auto (SR20DE). I was originally planning the DET conversion and can get the motor package for around $3000-$3500 complete + installation and other bits and pieces, would probably cost me atleast $5,000. I am now considering simply doing some modification on my current motor to get some more power out of it, I am obviously not looking for heaps of power that I would get from the DET motor but I just want a noticeable increase. I currently have the following mods: 2.5" Greddy Exhaust with Cannon, BC Adjustable Coilovers and a K&N Panel Filter. I will be getting an Ultra Racing 2 Point Front Strut Brace and 4 Point Lower Bar soon. What mods can I do (under $2,000) to get the most power out of my current DE motor?
  24. Yeah I wouldn't, I don't want to have to touch any of the electrical wirings etc.