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  1. 1996 180sx type X - Wrecking $6K

    I'm no mechanic but I re shelled a 180 in a few weekends it's not hard. Think of it as Lego. It all goes together real easy pick up a 180 shell and bring it back to life
  2. 180sx: rwc and the popo

    not in vic but my rails have been smashed up like that from ripple strips for years and never had a problem with rego in NSW. as for the po po dont drive like a dick head and try keep the car not to low/loud wheels out of guards ect and you will be fine. nearly 10 years of s13 ownership and over 150k of daily driving in it and have only been pulled over twice in it and never fined just a defect for low, loud, wheels and pod filter that was easy to clear
  3. rb25 box in sr20det s15

    would take 2 seconds to weld the piece back it that you cut out, hardly irreversible
  4. Best ebay purchase

    there is no way that thing will be doing close to what ever torque you set it at. i see so many guys bringing in these kinds of tools and cheap Chinese hand torque wrenches for calibration and i am yet to see one even close to what its supposed to be putting out.. some are way over and some are way under. some of the digital ones vary so much you would thing there is a blind person inside deciding what torque to apply i also sell good quality impact sockets if you would like to buy some for your bigger bolts pm me
  5. s13 oil pressure problem

    factory specs should be when warm 11psi on idle, and 51-60psi at 3.5k. what oil is in it? could be to thin or there could be issues with oil pump/bearings
  6. 1990 S13 Onevia

    For sale 1990 s13 $8000 ONO NO SWAPS NO SWAPS Sr20 from a type x HKS 2530 turbo 3inch exhaust including front pipe and dump FMIC Pod filter with stainless intake pipe 5 speed manual no noises ect from box tomei gear knob and short shifter kit and after market heavy duty gearbox mount S14 front seats After market larger sway bars Tein coilovers Adjustable toe and camber arms in rear R33 gtst brakes and rotors front Rear has cefiro brakes with hub handbrake way better then s13 hand brake locks instantly Genuine work xd9's 18x8 +28 front with 20mm spacer rears are 18x10 +18 Currently has open centre diff but will also come With a welded diff Genuine type x front bumper with genuine pods (front bar has some damage but is only slight and to the underneath lip so hardly noticeable) Fibreglass side skirts (off my track sar so they have a few marks) Sunroof works no leaks and no rust Cd MP3 player with 6.5 inch fronts and 6' rears. Plus an old sub and amp in the boot. Paint is in ok condition, not the best but gets the job done currently registered but will be sold without rego will pass easy all lights ect work $8000 Located in QLD archerfield 15 mins south of Brisbane CBD I'm sure I have missed stuff so just ask or come have a look at the car. Also have 740cc nismo injectors Tomei pon cams 040 fuel pump That I was going to put in this that can be negotiated in to Sale if you would like them
  7. I went back to internally gated turbo on my car so im selling my external gate set up. shoot me a PM if you are interested its a low mount t2 flange with plumb back gate and 3'' dump pipe to suit
  8. 4 Door R32 \(^-^)/ Calsonic.

    this car no longer has the calsonic stuff on it new owner changed it completely
  9. WTB: Sr20 hybrid rocker cover

    better baffling in the cover means you dont have to use the stock oil catch can and they look cool
  10. info needed on tube frame front end

    don't bother doing tube front unless its already smashed up. removing the factory crumple areas and welding in solid front end will mean one little crash and the whole car will be twisted. stock is best. that said if its already crashed in the front go for gold
  11. S13 Vert

    no need to engineer, have rego'd many s13's that were originally ca with sr's in them with no issue in NSW and QLD
  12. Gktech no holes FMIC S13 Piping

    you could prob still set it up the same way as i have mine even with an air con condenser in there
  13. Gktech no holes FMIC S13 Piping

    this is the cooler kit that i originally had as a front mount, i used this core in the engine bay upside down and chopped up the piping to make it fit. http://justjap.com/cooling-pro-type-1-intercooler-kit-nissan-s13-cpt1coolkit-s13sr20.html you could use a narrower core to make a bit more room for a battery. if you are in Brisbane you are welcome to have a look in my engine bay.
  14. Gktech no holes FMIC S13 Piping

    this is how it looks all finished