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  1. i to have tried starting from scratch with no such luck username is kungfupanda And email is beniso86@gmail.com cheers for any help
  2. i singed up with this username: kungfupanda email address: beniso86@gmail.com confirmed all the new signin details via the return email but its still saying i have one of the 2 wrong?
  3. Stray cats <_<

    I hope so mate.. its the other half i worry about. if you saw half the stuff i see you'd be sus about everyone too. as long as its just words.. its all good
  4. Anyone on here a real estate agent?

    i agree with owning... have bought 2 houses myself in the past 2 years. living in one, renting the other out. Both have increased in value despite the 'economic problems'.i know in 10 years i'll have a nice nest egg. i think getting a rental at a decent price these days in any major city is pretty tough, i feel for those who have to find a place to live.
  5. Moving to Brisbane :)

    great choice! have been thinking of doing the same myself, love the hot weather and time for a change. let us know how you get on!
  6. Stray cats <_<

    You dont have to be a "hippy" to care about animals. Killing an animal is cruel, and you should be reported to the RSPCA if you do so. Same with throwing a rock or trying to run it down. All animals have a right to live. Is it their fault they are stray? Did they ask to be put there? actually if you had the faintest idea you'd know that the overpopulation of cats is due to humans. I cant believe the attitudes in this thread, i would have hoped people here would be smarter and more compassionate towards other living things, regardless of species. Wow,