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  1. Silvia + wet weather + cheap tyres = fun times

    Do the the other drivers and real enthusiasts a favor and just track it till you get some common sense
  2. WTB: Following 180SX Parts

    Go to autobarn or wreckers for cigarette lighter all are basicly unerversal
  3. Low ks

    Just wondering how many low kms s14s1 out there as i have one that is adm with less than 90k and it is 20years old this year
  4. Random jdm goodness

    I found some coins in and a gum wrapper complete with gum etiquette was cool
  5. Engine part brands

    Dont know what else you can do it. Havent noticed any lag as its quite responsive. Also it is set up for drag and has a manulized auto behind it
  6. Engine part brands

    Full port and polish biggest valves that will fit, hks 272 exhaust and intake cams. Not forgetting the red speckle rocker cover 😜
  7. Engine part brands

    When i say any problems that includes down low torque aswell my power starts coming on early and pulls right the way to the limiter
  8. Engine part brands

    I have removed mine vtc with no issues but i have a fully worked head and 272 cams
  9. Hard street driving is much sketchier than hard track driving. There's no lovely big runoff area if something goes wrong. You don't really want fade to be an issue, last thing you want is to become a memorial cross stuck on a tree/pole/cliff shouldn't be driving be that fast on the streets where you would need run off thats what the track is for. My s14 still has stock brakes with 450hp and stop it fine after an 11sec run at 120mph. So I wouldn't waste my money on brembos unless you just want the wank factor.
  10. Brisbane Jamboree

    I would normally be there but I have a newborn thats a bit more important this year however next year the s14 will be there hopefully a few extra test and tunes as well
  11. Assad you say he shouldn't of got the car with that engine however dicko probably got for more reasons then just the engine. The might be a lot of other goodies on the car he hasn't mentioned because it wasn't relevant to the op. You have chosen to comment your opinions and make fun of all others, some of these guys will have more experience than you just because you have done an apprenticeship doesn't mean you are a good mechanic, by the way you are talking and acting you sound like a rather arrogant and shit one. You may call us posers but a lot of has have had a lot to do with cars. Although not relevant to the op my poser s14 can be seen here
  12. Assad do you not realize that if he does your suggestions new pistons and bearings ect that would cost more than swapping it out for a stock sr. You are talking basicly taking an overhaul to a perfectly fine engine. Have you even thought about the advice you are giving? You just sound like a keyboard warrior
  13. My 180sx was pulling over 240kw and all the internals were stock only mods were bolt ons. Now I have a fully built sr that is currently making 450hp at the rears and i have maxed the injectors atm but I have built it for drag racing not rally it needs to be able to get the power to the ground I agree go with the stock setup with a hiflow t28 and aftermarket ecu or nistune.
  14. If you look at the gear from the starter motor the end is worn maybe it's not engaging correctly
  15. It doesn't make a difference they don't add or take power simply there to stop compressor stall. The flutters that are heard from a car not running a bov is the air rushing back to the compressor from the turbo as it stalls.