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  1. My new Project 10's

    this car makes me seriously consider buying a 14.5 rater then the s15's im looking at atm. very nice job
  2. Hardtuned.net Xmas Cruise

    tempting, very tempting
  3. car inspection in hervey bay

    if id seen this about a week ago i wouldve been more then happy. was up there for work. some nice chasers cruising the streets in HB
  4. New pic's 25/4/09

    nice Zed, very clean, love the silver
  5. My passion!

    nice dude, so clean, love the type x
  6. colour choice suites it nicely
  7. 20B S15

    something diffrent, very nice, should be nuts when you finish it
  8. Chasers War

    haha, sif you would think he was serious
  9. KFC creativity

    wow, im jelous i diddnt think of doing this....
  10. Internet quotage

    from boostcruising :if you think about it, a commodore burnout is a lot like a failed apollo launch... plenty of fuel, smoke and noise but not much distance travelled"
  11. Ken Block Gymkhana Spoof

    that would be heaps funn
  12. women!

    haha thats gold
  13. An ugly guys night

    haha, nicee
  14. thats fkn harsh. how low some people will go