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  1. hi guys. i've got a ke30 corolla with a ca in it. i'd like to go auto using the s13 setup. does anyone have an auto wiring harness and/or an ecm laying around?
  2. Garage cleanout

    is the sr transmission working?
  3. CA18DET gearbox length ?

    dave, if you have those measurements, i would love to see them. i can remember reading about the r30 box being shorter (referred to as the stumpy box ?) and yes, it is going into an escort.
  4. hi guys. i'm in the process of doing a conversion with a ca. i'm in the research phase about which box to use. can anyone tell me the length from the front of the bellhousing to the middle of the shifter hole in the 'box ?
  5. early wolf 3d on ca18 ?

    ok. thanks for that. i reckon i'll give it a miss.
  6. hi there. i am in the process of doing a conversion with a CA. i've been offered a wolf 3d v1.4 cheap. has anyone used one of the early versions on a CA/SR/RB using std. cas and coils ? i had a search, and all the threads i read were concerned with the V4 and the V500.
  7. i haven't done a 180, but i have had much success on a variety of others using one of those retracting knives. ( the ones where you can snap the blade off as it gets blunt. ) i normally pull the trim off the inside, then cut the urethane with the knife. some soapy water speeds the process up heaps. has yours broken ? or is it just scratched or something ?
  8. ca sump differences

    anyone ? or is there someone fairly knowledgeable about ca's i could contact ?
  9. sometimes you get lucky and the part number contains the number of the bearing. but seriously mate, i would just put in some fresh oil and give it a run. worry about it if it's noisy.
  10. hi there guys. i'm looking at using a ca18 for a conversion. with my particular conversion, a sump with a bowl at the back would be a big help. has anyone seen a ca engine with a sump like this ? maybe on a fwd car ? all the rwd ones i've looked at have a front bowl. any help would be much appreciated.