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  1. Sprint / Time Attack Nissan Onevia

    Got out to Lakefield on Saturday for QLD Time Attack round. Had a very poor afternoon. First session out, 4th lap had coolant spraying over my window. Came back into pits, realized I'd forgotten to fit my overflow. Managed to "track hack" it. (Using my washer bottle and lines to make a temp overflow) Got back out for the 3rd session - Car sounded like truck. Found that 2 of my manifold bolts had snapped clean off. Ended my day there =( Did manage a new PB on my 2nd lap - 65.1 Had alot more in it too... Next time!
  2. Sprint / Time Attack Nissan Onevia

    Small update - Get to test it this weekend and see if anything works - Mainly to ensure I don't overheat haha
  3. RB25 S14 Daily

    I did mine. 50mm bolt overs. Feel free to come check out my car - I'd help ya =)
  4. RB25 S14 Daily

    Give Platinum Windscreens a call. They did the Onevia - New front screen, new rubber, remove and refit rear screen for $220.
  5. Ticker the 180sx

    Tim with all the helpful comments haha. Custom mounts are good - Lines will JUUUST clear - But they do! McKinney ones anyway...
  6. RB25 S14 Daily

    True true. Now I have a trailer, I WILL be popping out to QR to make a complete f**king tool of myself. Now lets give the thread back to Aldo haha
  7. RB25 S14 Daily

    I don't drag race. Standard car! And gearbox issues ahaha. Actually, there decent excuses =P
  8. RB25 S14 Daily

    Dems fighting words! 2/5/15 - Lakeside. Come race.
  9. Please keep updating for me too. I'm still building my car. Was watching you blast lakeside for Round 1 Time Attack (I was marshalling @ Hungrys) Can't wait until I can drive well haha
  10. RB25 S14 Daily

    NO CREDIT! Shun the non driver! Shuuuuuuuuuun! When am I finally going to see this Aldo? Take me for a cruise?
  11. RB25 S14 Daily

    Leave the hard parker alone!

    I mean for free =P

    Tim, stop stealing oxygen! I need to find a 180 bar I can hack up lol...
  14. True... I don't have a forward plenum - But everything else has worked well.