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    Hey guys, in the process of making an aero package for my S13. Wanted to get a thread going - Pics and info below for each post. Lets get everyone motivated! 1. Total cost 2. Time spent 3. Rating on handling improvement 1-10 4. Material used (Thickness etc) 5. Where did you test it Want to get a good topic going (As these forums seem like they are dying =( ) I'll update with mine in the coming weeks
  2. Hello everyone, Thought I would post my current build / project car / track car (Hoping to start this year!) My names Brendan, been in love with cars since forever. Started out wanting to drift, but after a few track days, I bit the bug hard and wanted to focus on that... I used to drive a R33 GTS-T Skyline, until I had a minor altercation with a guard rail at 150k/h Bought another daily R33 and pulled the other one down for parts... With all the fond memories, I couldn't sell the bits and decided to get myself another car I could tinker away with. I was working a guy who had a daily driven S13 - After a year of knowing him he purchased a new R32 GTR and no longer had need for the Silvia - SR20de manual - I threw him an offer and I was now the owner of this car for $600! Car came back to my house and sat there for 8 months or so - Another friend of mine had the same car, but in Auto and was looking to do a manual conversion. After sitting down with her and working out the costs... I decided to straight swap the cars with $800 my way. I then pulled the SR20 out with the Auto box and sold this to some random for $800. With this, I purchased a Mc Kinney motorsport RB25det conversion kit from Raw Brokerage in the states. The bug bit again and I started work on the car - Doing heaps of research I decided I would fit every bit I possibly could from the Skyline. I fitted up the RB25det motor and RB25det gearbox - Lined up MINT with the kit and sat low enough to clear the bonnet first go without spacing. I pulled out the rear cradle and sold that off and fitted the R33 GTS-T cradle. This gave me the bigger brakes, 5 stud, better diff and extra track - Pretty decent upgrade! Only thing I needed was the alloy offset rack spacers (Never hit the chassis like others have experienced) Engine mounted and sitting in there: Then enlisted the help of my friend Jono and wired the car up had it running in the first few hours and felt good! While the car was sitting there unregistered - I decided to strip some weight - Removed all the sound deadening in the car, boot and doors (Took F**KING AGES - Not until after I had done it, did people tell me to use dry ice >. Sprayed the area's with random paint to prevent any future rust (Using a chisel and hammer to remove the sound dead) I bought some cheap 2nd hand coilovers for $300 a set of 4 - Fitted them to the car and put it all back together. Took it for its first few drivers and the thing was great. Having only driven the standard R33GTS-T - Jumping into a light S13 with the same motor was great! Had real traction issues with the 205 16"s that were on it. Decided that I would do the "Onevia" conversion due to the front of the Silvia having some massive damage to the bar. Found a BARGAIN online - Free Veilside front bar and Fibreglass bonnet / 40mm front guards for $200 all up! So grabbed them and slapped them on. Was starting to look a bit more completed but I was no where near happy with it. Knowing I wanted to race the car when it was completed. I started having some talks with Phil from CARTEL ONLINE - The man was great and put up with me for months pestering him. Ended up spending a fair bit there to get my handling bits. Ended up getting pretty much the entire catalogue Drifworks CS2 Coilovers / Driftworks Adjustable arms (Everyone one of them) / Front and Rear Geomaster Knuckles / 4 Point harness / Oil cooler / Rota Torque 17 x 9 +15 wheels with Federal RSR Semi's (To begin until I learn to drive fast =P) / braided brake lines - clutch / Nardi DW wheel etc Note to all playing at home - Geomasters + LCA's + 17's are pretty bad Ended up having to grind the lower bolt down.
  3. Sprint / Time Attack Nissan Onevia

    Got out to Lakefield on Saturday for QLD Time Attack round. Had a very poor afternoon. First session out, 4th lap had coolant spraying over my window. Came back into pits, realized I'd forgotten to fit my overflow. Managed to "track hack" it. (Using my washer bottle and lines to make a temp overflow) Got back out for the 3rd session - Car sounded like truck. Found that 2 of my manifold bolts had snapped clean off. Ended my day there =( Did manage a new PB on my 2nd lap - 65.1 Had alot more in it too... Next time!
  4. Sprint / Time Attack Nissan Onevia

    Small update - Get to test it this weekend and see if anything works - Mainly to ensure I don't overheat haha
  5. RB25 S14 Daily

    I did mine. 50mm bolt overs. Feel free to come check out my car - I'd help ya =)
  6. RB25 S14 Daily

    Give Platinum Windscreens a call. They did the Onevia - New front screen, new rubber, remove and refit rear screen for $220.
  7. Ticker the 180sx

    Tim with all the helpful comments haha. Custom mounts are good - Lines will JUUUST clear - But they do! McKinney ones anyway...
  8. RB25 S14 Daily

    True true. Now I have a trailer, I WILL be popping out to QR to make a complete f**king tool of myself. Now lets give the thread back to Aldo haha
  9. RB25 S14 Daily

    I don't drag race. Standard car! And gearbox issues ahaha. Actually, there decent excuses =P
  10. RB25 S14 Daily

    Dems fighting words! 2/5/15 - Lakeside. Come race.
  11. Please keep updating for me too. I'm still building my car. Was watching you blast lakeside for Round 1 Time Attack (I was marshalling @ Hungrys) Can't wait until I can drive well haha
  12. RB25 S14 Daily

    NO CREDIT! Shun the non driver! Shuuuuuuuuuun! When am I finally going to see this Aldo? Take me for a cruise?
  13. RB25 S14 Daily

    Leave the hard parker alone!

    I mean for free =P

    Tim, stop stealing oxygen! I need to find a 180 bar I can hack up lol...
  16. True... I don't have a forward plenum - But everything else has worked well.
  17. Sprint / Time Attack Nissan Onevia

    Tried to update this thread on my phone... Say's its locked. WTH lol I'll update tonight when I am back home on the PC
  18. Depends on how you want to do it. If you don't mind spending the money - Drop some coin on a full McKinney kit from the states. Works great and sits the engine lower and further back. www.rawbrokerage.com/raw-brokerage-premium-rb25-swap-package-s13/
  19. RB25 S14 Daily

    I don't run an engine fan. Best thing I can recommend is 2 f**k off thermo's. Don't skimp out. What radiator do you run? If you want me to come over and take a look (Go for a drive too) let me know =)
  20. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Im in the same boat. Full fuel setup + wing + wood for a diffuser... Just lazy and way waaay waaaaaaaaay too much rain!
  21. Sprint / Time Attack Nissan Onevia

    So - Played around with an Oculus Rift + G27 and iRacing. Good god, it's incredible... Will be playing a lot me thinks... Next round is March 7th @ Lakeside - See how we go!

    So much info!
  23. Sprint / Time Attack Nissan Onevia

    So went out and had an un-eventufl day which is goo.d Had to run the arvo session so car ended up over heating. Raid pouring down on the 2nd session for sprints. Times ended up: 66.3 on Clubman and 63.2 on Sprint. Stuck behind a few cars / damp / over heating. But didn't go backwards so fun. Also had Josh from MCA explain for 25 minutes how my cars suspension is shit and I will only improve to a very low level. I know it's too stiff, but came off very weird... So next on the list: Fix the heating issue so I can keep pushing. And look at the suspension
  24. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Haha - Yeah makes the wheels poke about 10mm more per side I believe (That's why I only have 9" + 12's and they sit flush)