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  1. smashed front nissan s14

    This is why people need insurance!!
  2. WTB - s15 OEM side skirts + SpecR wing VIC

    http://hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=2445393&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 This guy has a spoiler
  3. Best HID kit to suit ADM S15?

    How'd you go with the fitment in the projector? any issues or much modification at all? No issues apart from the hole drill as you've already mentioned!
  4. Best HID kit to suit ADM S15?

    I've got these in my 15 and never had an issue at all. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=190403664213
  5. Nistune equivalent for GC8 WRX

    The nistune equivalent for wrx's is called "ecutek" and from my knowledge is not very affordable. A tune is around the $1400 I believe. I could be wrong.
  6. WTB Work Emotion Centre Caps

    I have black wheels with red calipers with the flat, black caps! Might be too much red if you had red!
  7. Wrx boss kit

    My mate has a 06 wrx and has a my99 boss kit in his car! Hope this helps!
  8. S15 1/4mile time

    What's the specs on your built motor?

    Just a suggestion, not really low dust but fairly cheap. Winmax 3 pads are what I have in my s15. Use them for the street and work great on the track. They work from cold upto around 650 + degrees C. They made a hell of a difference. Cost me $400ish delivered from Canberra. https://m.facebook.com/RacingReadyOnline/photos/a.360393004008029.77384.360361657344497/674867402560586/?type=1&source=48&locale2=en_US&__tn__=E
  10. S15 Varietta SpecRB25DET ;)

    That purple looks crazy 😍😍
  11. Daily+Track Onevia

    How can you drive with the music blaring?
  12. Before you look for a new engine, look for a new mechanic!!
  13. HSV 19" wheels

    Yeah true that