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Found 2 results

  1. Easy one to answer: 1. Yes, FRSport is a legit site and I have bought from them before. 2. FRSport is a North American site, not an Australian site. Look at their phone number mate. 3. Googling your exact phrase "SR20 gasket kit" returns Taarks (a.k.a EFI Solutions) and JustJap as the top results, so I have no idea wtf you tried lol: https://www.efisolutions.com.au/engine-gasket-kit-s13-180sx-sr20det-redtop http://justjap.com/genuine-nissan-engine-vrs-gasket-kit-nissan-s13.html 4. Taarks and JustJap are legit and I have bought from them. 5. The SR20DET VRS gasket kit is effectively the same as the DE kit, it just has more gaskets. Pretty sure it comes with an o-ring suitable for the DE's distributer. Just make sure you get an S13 kit if your DE engine is from an S13, and an S14 kit if your DE engine is from an S14 or S15 Autech. Look at the rocker cover; flat is S13 and a bump at the front is S14/S15. They use different oil pumps, and that's where the bump comes from, so don't buy the wrong one.
  2. So I bought a 180sx recently with a blacktop sr20det, when I went to replace the spark plugs noticed heaps of oil in the spark plug wells. I bought a gaskets set for the valve cover and plugs off taarks, going to pick up torque wrench set (following the Japanese version of the sr20 180sx manual) but wasn't sure if I needed any gasket glue? Anyone had experience changing the gaskets and know if I should be using any glue. I couldn't find it listed in the manual so not sure if I should use any or not. Also anyone have any tips on changing this stuff over haha, thanks in advance for any help.