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How to Install a cluster dimmer on an S15 and delete the annoying chime beeper

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If your S15 is JDM, it probably does not have a dimmer for the cluster. Here is how to install one. Note this will not make your dash lights brighter.


First pull the lever under the steering column to lower it.


Unscrew and remove the cluster.


First check the main bulbs - often the bulbs have become silvered over and may need replacing.




They all are a 5mm wedge type bulb. The Black housing is for a 3w bulb, blue for 2w and brown for 1.4w. You can experiment with higher watt bulbs, but I would not recommend using LED's unless you know some specific units that will work because they produce very patchy light spots and dont filter well.


I soldered in some 5 watt T10 bulbs used for parker lights which increased the brightness nicely. The clock and Odo can be replaced with LED's but there is a blue filter which must be removed if you want to change the colour. Otherwise solder in a blue LED. (note on the circuit board, the bulb for the clock has a positive terminal on the top but the Odo has it on the bottom)


Unexpectedly, the dimmer actually works with the LED's I have installed in my cluster.


The dimmer unit you need is from the ADM S15 200sx and is the same as some other Nissan models.


It simply wires into the clusters ILL power and ground for the lights.









If you buy a unit that does not have the connector, you can solder in some wires. First unclip the unit and pull it apart.




You can open the holes on the housing piece with a blade so that wires will fit through:




Thread some wires through the holes with some heat shrink slotted on. I used wires leading to a computer connector.









You can joint the two ground wires together.



Now on the plugs on the back of the cluster, tap into the into the dimmer power. (see schematic above)



Similarly cut the the ground wire from pin 11 in two. Use the ground connection for pins 3 and 5 of the dimmer. Then route pin 11 to pin 4 of the dimmer.



The dimmer slots into a hole 2x3.5cm. I cut mine using a soldering iron and a file.





So here is my cluster with 5 watt bulbs soldered in, nice and bright.




Enjoy your new dimmer.




You can get a nice effect from adding a back light onto the cluster. I used some small orange Straw Hat LED's to project light into the cluster. I got mine from ebay seller icnbsnky, they are great quality. http://www.ebay.com....=p2047675.l2559


Drill a small hole on the black cluster surround for the LED's:



The LED's are small and are not visible when the cluster is in place, but will provide a nice backlight.


The LED's can tap into the ILL power going to pin 32 (red/blue wire) on the cluster. They can be dimmed along with the cluster lights by grounding them to pin 4 of the dimmer unit.


If the backlight is too bright, you can solder in more resistors to the LED's (try100-300 ohms) to make the backlight more subtle.


A video of the orange back light in my cluster.





Time to destroy that annoying beeper that wont shutup when you leave your door open.


Here is where it is soldered in on the back of the cluster. You can desolder it or scratch out a gap in the line to it.




And here is where it is on the other side of the board.



I put a LED in its place which pulses on the dial around the 7k rpm mark when the door is open.


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another way to turn off the 'door open' chime is if you disconnect one of the plugs on the key barrel.


Though strangely this also makes my rear demister turn on about 20 seconds after I start my car every time, but I haven't yet confirmed if this is related


Good write up!

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