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Generic guide to wiring electronic boost gauges

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For many of you, hooking up a gauge isn't ground-breaking, and I agree.

However, questions seem to arise now and then, so I turned a post of mine into an article.



An electronic gauge using an electronic sensor will always have at least 3 wires in the gauge and 3 wires in the sensor:

  • Accessories
  • Earth
  • Signal
  • Illumination (desirable option - gauge only)

Accessories can be tapped into at the cigarette lighter, radio or gauge cluster..

The gauge requires only one Earth wire, as both the signal wire and power wire can Earth using it.

Connecting an Illumination line means that when you flip on your parkers/headlights (and the cluster dims), either the gauge backlight turns on, or dims [if it's always on].


There are some loose standards with regard to colours, however it's best to check the gauge's documentation if you have it.

If not, the rule of thumb follows:

  • Red is normally Accessories
  • Black is normally Earth
  • The signal lines are normally the same colour (could be anything - green, white, yellow, blue)
  • Illumination is normally a different colour to the signal line, and could be anything


In the event that either your motor-driven gauge or sensor has only 2 lines, or just doesn't work, the first thing to do is sight the back of the gauge and the sensor.

Tracing lines won't necessarily answer your questions, and if it's too difficult just run new lines.

  • If there are no plugs/sockets where there should be (according to documenation), confirm with the vendor that you were sent the right gauge.
  • If there are sockets with no plugs, check the car or the box, and contact the vendor if needed
  • If there are plugs, but it simply doesn't work, check that they're connected
  • If there's an empty hole on the back, or the hole around the wires is unusually big and there are too few wires, unscrew the rear and check that they haven't been torn from the board
  • Check your Earths, and confirm power is being received from Accessories
  • If there's a vacuum line on your gauge, and it doesn't double as an EBC, then you've been given a mechanical gauge

Connection Diagram

Here's a diagram of how an electronic gauge should be hooked up, courtesy of my hektik Paint skillz bro:



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